Since I took the oath of office in January, my team and I have been working diligently to protect Texas against an out-of-control federal government, while enforcing the rule of law.

Serving as your Attorney General has indeed been one of the greatest honors of my life.

Fighting illegal amnesty, protecting the sanctity of life, defending marriage, safeguarding children from predators, and keeping our schools and communities safe are just a few of things I work on daily.

I hope this is the kind of conservative, principled leadership you want to see continue. If you support our efforts to defend Texas against Obama’s continued attacks on the Constitution, will you please consider contributing $25, $50, $250, or even $1000 today so I will know you stand with me?

I’m sure you saw that President Obama doubled down on his efforts to impose his will on America – granting illegal amnesty through executive order.  That’s why Texas and our fellow states stood up and challenged the president’s unconstitutional and illegal actions.

You can count on me to fight this abuse of executive power, and I know that I can count on thousands of Texas citizens to be by our side as we continue that fight. I hope that you will be one of them.

Texas is too special a place to jeopardize the freedoms, economic vitality, and quality of life that we have come to love.  As Attorney General, my team and I are committed to keeping the American Dream alive for our children and our grandchildren.

President Reagan said it best, ‘’Freedom is one generation away from extinction.’’

So, please – will you support our efforts today?  You can make a safe, secure online contribution HERE.

Angela and I appreciate your continued support more than you will know.




Attorney General of Texas

PS – The battle to defend our freedoms will be long and hard, but it’s a fight I’m up for.   I hope you will stand with me and send a message that Texans are firm in our resolve to defend our conservative principles.

 Ken Paxton serves as Texas’ 51st Attorney General.   He and his wife Angela have four children: Tucker, Abby, Mattie, and Katie.