The left’s only goal is power…at any cost. They won’t stop until our God-given rights are stripped away.

Their attempt to use the courts to expand vote by mail (VBM) is a perfect example.

My office has investigated hundreds of VBM fraud cases over the years, even as state law restricted the practice to only those that had a legitimate and lawful reason to request a mail-in ballot. Imagine the fraud that would occur if it was expanded to ALL voters!

Luckily, the courts have seen this as clearly as you and me.

Today, I am pleased to tell you that the U.S.Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit has ruled in favor of our position on vote by mail!

They unanimously found that a liberal U.S. District Court’s ruling that expanded mail-in balloting to absurdly include every Texas voter was inconsistent with the law.

My office fought vigorously for this outcome. We won in the Texas Supreme Court and now we have won in federal court.

But the real winner is you, the Texas voter, who wants to be confident that our elections remain fair and free.

The radical left and the Democrat Party are livid that their scheme to use the courts to rewrite Texas election laws has failed…but they aren’t going to stop.

I will continue to fight them with every fiber of my being and every resource available to me.