Democrats and the media: “Voter fraud isn’t real.”

Reality: The Election Fraud Unit unit of my office just made another arrest. The mayor of Edinburg and his wife are charged with an illegal voting scheme that may have helped him win his recent election. And this wasn’t even the only voter fraud arrest in Texas this week.


  • Richard Molina, elected mayor of Edinburg in 2017, his wife, and 16 others were arrested for an illegal voting scheme
  • Voters were allegedly directed to change their address to a location inside the district where they did not actually live in order to be able to cast their votes for him
  • Locations included an apartment complex that Molina owned
  • Read the full press release here


Democrats say it doesn’t happen. They’ll say it until they’re blue in the face. But we know the truth.

Voter fraud is real. And it happens in Texas.

That’s why my office stands vigilant against any tampering with elections in our state. The integrity of the ballot box ensures that our great country and state continue with fair, peaceful elections.

That’s why I will continue to fight against all forms of illegal voting and to keep our voter rolls clean.

If you see anyone tampering with ballots or any other part of an election, please immediately notify your local law enforcement office. It’s up to us to protect our country and pass on this great nation to our kids and grandkids.