This week I published an op-ed in the San Antonio Express-News making exactly that point.

No law-abiding Texan wants an election system where even a single vote is manipulated by fraudsters.

As the Attorney General of Texas, it is my job to ensure that the laws of our state are faithfully executed.

Texas law makes clear that only those over 65, disabled, out of the county on election day and during early voting, or jailed, but otherwise eligible, may request a mail-in ballot. There are good reasons that these laws are in place.

Increased mail-in balloting increases vote fraud. I know this because my office has investigated hundreds of vote fraud cases over the years.

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Two years ago in Austin, a Democrat prosecutor from South Texas testified, “Any time you have ballots that are outside the polling location, you’re going to have fraud.. I would never recommend everyone voting by mail – it invites fraud.”

He was right then and he is right now.

COVID-19 isn’t an excuse to suspend the law or try to use friendly courts to invalidate it.

As Rahm Emanuel famously said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” That is exactly what the Democrat Party of Texas is trying to do by using the pandemic to invalidate laws that stand in their way.

My office will continue to fight the Democrats and the lawless judges who have supported their efforts to illegally disenfranchise Texas voters.