It’s here! Our television ad for the 2014 Attorney General race begins airing today.

Because of support from tens of thousands of conservatives like you across the state, we are able to reach primary voters and let them know Ken Paxton is THE proven, conservative champion with the experience to guard Texas against Washington’s overreach.

The work isn’t over yet! After you watch the ad, I ask you to do three simple things:

  1. LIKE it (just click the thumbs up!)
  2. SHARE it (forward this email to your friends, tweet about it, or Facebook it!)
  3. Chip in $10, $25, or $50 to help us stay on the air through March 4.

If we can count on the Paxton Patriots to do these small things, we can cruise into March 4 with nothing but momentum in our favor.

Don’t forget, early voting begins Tuesday, February 18th!

Thank you for all you’re doing for liberty and for Texas.

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