I am pleased to report that today the Supreme Court of Texas has affirmed what we already knew to be true. Fear of COVID-19 is not, in and of itself, a “disability” that allows anyone who wishes to cast a ballot by mail.

I had been deeply concerned by lower court rulings supporting this absurd claim that would have permitted virtually limitless ballot by mail.

This issue has been even more concerning because it has been clear from the start that this strategy was a deliberate power grab by Democrats.

If it had stood, it would have undermined the rights of Texan to free and fair elections by throwing open the door to potential vote fraud.

Few things are as fundamental to being Texans and Americans as the integrity of our elections. It is the foundation upon which the consent of the governed is based, without which government has no legitimacy.

I was not going to let the Democrats undermine one of our greatest birthrights.

The Democrats are still pursuing this scheme in the federal courts. I am confident we will beat them there too.

But today we can celebrate a great victory for Texas voters.