No company, no matter how big, is above the law.

Last week, I told you about how my office is leading a multi-state, bi-partisan coalition of 50 attorneys general to investigate Google and other huge tech companies for non-competitive practices. (You can read more from Buzzfeed here.)

These companies must be held accountable.

For years, giant tech companies like Google have put Texans at risk, hurting consumers and squashing new businesses.

That’s why my office took action.

Based upon our initial findings, the tech giants of Silicon Valley may not only have stifled the free flow of information…

Not only have played fast and loose with your private, personal information…

But also undermined innovation and new businesses with unscrupulous practices that stop new competitors from succeeding.

These practices are as illegal as they are anti-American. They must be stopped.

Let me be clear, growing large businesses should be celebrated. I support a strong, competitive business atmosphere.

But, when a handful of companies engage in what appears to be illegal tactics to prevent competition in the marketplace, hurting regular citizens in the process they must be stopped.

My office is fighting for you, and the rights of every American, against the monopolistic practices of those in Silicon Valley who think they know what is best for you, while preventing any new company from threatening their pocketbook.