The San Antonio Professional Firefighter’s Association (SAPFFA) today announced their endorsement of Ken Paxton in the upcoming Republican runoff for Attorney General. Early voting begins Monday.

In a letter from SAPFFA, they stated:

“San Antonio Professional Firefighter’s Association (SAPFFA) is proud to announce their endorsement of Ken Paxton for Attorney General of Texas. We value Ken Paxton’s view on public safety and his commitment to government transparency on the state and local level. As SAPFFA moves forward we will rely on Ken Paxton’s opinions in regard to Freedom of Information requests to our city, to help insure open and honest local government. We believe his leadership as Attorney General will help protect citizens from having their safety compromised by out of control spending on the local and state level, prioritizing core city and state services such as public safety.”

This announcement follows a series of key endorsements during the past 10 days.  Yesterday, Senator Paxton was endorsed by former U.S. Attorney and Department of Justice Official Richard Roper.  Last week, Senator Paxton earned official endorsements from the National Rifle Association, Texas State Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, and former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft.