$45 Million Dollars!

The profound violence of abortion is shocking to the senses.

How can anyone support killing innocent babies?

Yet, we all support it with our tax dollars because government, which exists to defend life, liberty, and property, not only condones abortions…it funds them with OUR MONEY!

To make this injustice even more acute, not only do they receive tax dollars for their sick trade, Planned Parenthood raises millions more from progressives to assure that We the People never turn off public spending for abortions!

In this cycle alone, Planned Parenthood has committed to spending a record $45 million to elect pro-abortion candidates (Democrats).

As Attorney General, I am fighting every day to help end this destruction of human life.

Right now, I am fighting to secure Texas’ defunding of Planned Parenthood at the U.S. Court of Appeals

We all pray that the Supreme Court will correct the historic wrong of Roe vs. Wade, but in the meantime Planned Parenthood MUST be cut off from the public trough!