The Ken Paxton for Attorney General Campaign today unveiled more “March Momentum,” announcing that 76 current and former members of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) have endorsed the senator.  The list includes 30 current SREC members, nine of whom had endorsed former Attorney General candidate Barry Smitherman.  Additionally, Senator Paxton has earned endorsements from 9 of the 10 SREC members who represent Dallas County, the home county of his opponent. 

Republican Party of Texas Secretary Mandy Tschoepe said, “This announcement is an incredible show of support for Ken Paxton, as this list includes Republican leaders who have served across Texas for the past several decades.  Any candidate would be thrilled to have this type of support, and today’s announcement proves that Republicans are uniting behind Ken Paxton for Attorney General.”

Underscoring the movement of Texas Republican leaders to Senator Paxton, yesterday the campaign announced the endorsement of Dr. Robin Armstrong of Houston, current Republican National Committeeman for Texas, and Bill Crocker of Austin, former Republican National Committeeman for Texas.  Paxton has now been endorsed by five Texans who have served as Republican National Committee members from Texas.

Current SREC member Valoree Swanson of Harris County previously supported Barry Smitherman.  In endorsing Paxton she stated, “In the race for Texas Attorney General, only one man has a conservative record we can unite behind – Senator Ken Paxton.  Ken’s conservative credentials are indisputable.  His long history of working for a conservative agenda is one we can wholly trust to defend our values in this critical office. In the May 27th runoff, I will be working hard to elect Ken Paxton as our next Attorney General, and I encourage all of my fellow Republicans to do the same.”

Virginia Prodan, current SREC member from Dallas said, “It is imperative to elect as our next Texas Attorney General the most conservative and courageous leader who will extend the strong leadership of General Abbott and fearlessly fight for our freedom, free market and faith during those challenging times. Senator Ken Paxton’s outstanding record proves he is the best person to serve. I proudly endorse Ken Paxton for Attorney General.”

Current SREC members endorsing Ken Paxton for Attorney General are:

Stephen Lee (SD 1)

Sue Evenwel (SD 1)

Nathan Derr (SD 2)

Vicki Slaton (SD 2)

Jim Wiggins (SD3)

Glenda Bowles (SD 6)

Mark Ramsey (SD 7)

Valoree Swanson (SD 7)

Neal Katz (SD 8)

Candy Noble (SD 8)

Bill Eastland (SD 9)

Sara Legvold (SD 9)

Tom Washington (SD 12)

Jean McIver (SD 12)

Rex Lamb (SD 13)

Bonnie Lugo (SD 13)

Randy Samuelson (SD 14)

Vergel Cruz (SD 15)

Montie Watkins (SD 15)

Randall Dunning (SD 16)

Virginia Prodan (SD 16)

Ben Zeller (SD 18)

James Barnes (SD 19)

Linda Butts (SD 23)

Frank Morris (SD 27)

Russ Duerstine (SD 28)

Jane Cansino (SD 28)

Denny Pelton (SD 30)

Deon Starnes (SD 30)

Tom Roller (SD 31)

Former SREC members endorsing Ken Paxton for Attorney General are:

Mona Bailey

Bruce Bishop

Diane Caron

Roy Casanova

John Cook

Kay Copeland

Glenda Crenshaw

Bill Crocker

Carol Everett

Michael Flusche

Josh Flynn

Marjorie Ford

Chris George

Dolores Hardin

David Halvorson

Kim Hesley

Timothy Hoy

Jimmie Kerr

Angie King

Tim Lambert

Jodie Laubenberg

Weston Martinez

Melba McDowell

Ken Mercer

Clint Moore

Jason Moore

Roger O’Dell

Kirk Overbey

Allan Parker

Rena Peden

Larry Phillips

Dan Pickens

Tom Quinones

Ashlea Quinonez

Theresa Raia

Bob Reese

Connie Reese

Brian Russell

Linda Russell

Shirley Spellerberg

Peggy Thompson

Mandy Tschoepe

Wayne Tucker

Skeet Workman

Phyllis Worsham

Pete Wrench

On March 4th, Senator Paxton shocked political observers with his first-place showing.   During early voting, the Dan Branch campaign released a poll showing Representative Branch with an almost 2-1 lead over Senator Paxton.  Despite being outspent more than 2-1, Senator Paxton led the field with 44%, coming within just 6 points of winning outright.   Additionally, Paxton won Dan Branch’s home county of Dallas and his other “home” county of Bexar, where Rep. Branch grew up and still has family.   Senator Paxton won 19 of the top 20 counties in Texas, and won 51 of the top 75 counties representing approximately 85% of the GOP vote.

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