The liberals in California are at it again. They think they can pass laws and then force the rest of the country to go along with them.

Here’s my answer to California crazies: ”NO”

California has a history of passing ever stricter greenhouse and emissions standards – standards which effectively become law across the nation without input from anyone else in the country.

You see, since car manufacturers only want to produce one car for the U.S. market, when California is allowed to pass their own standards they become the nation’s standards.

Each state in the U.S. is supposed to have an equal say in legislation that affects all of us.

In fact, this is how the Clean Air Act was set up – one nationwide standard that would have to be agreed upon at the federal level.

But for years the federal government has issued waivers to California to issue their own regulations…until now.

Of course, California is suing to reassert its ability to decide what’s best for the rest of us.

That’s why, I’ve joined six other states, led by Ohio, in supporting the federal decision to end California’s latest attempt to undermine state sovereignty. (You can read the actual legal motion here.)

By intervening to block California’s ability to limit and regulate emissions, the Ohio and Texas coalition aims to:

  • restore the equal status of all States
  • lower vehicles prices
  • improve the variety of vehicles on the market; and
  • preserve jobs tied to vehicle manufacturing.

I take my job to protect Texas from coastal liberals and DC bureaucrats – who use back-door channels, like allowing California to write and pass laws for the rest of us – seriously.

California and liberal elites shouldn’t get to make decisions for the rest of the country.  

We need to make sure they don’t.