I’m pleased to announce more recruits to our team as we prepare the Office of Attorney General to do battle with President Obama’s federal government and defend the people of Texas this coming year.

Our newest team members include:

  • Chief of Staff Bernard L. McNamee II
  • Deputy Attorney General for Administration Katherine “Missy” Minter Cary
  • General Counsel Amanda “Mandy” Crawford
  • Director of Communications Allison Castle
  • Deputy Attorney General for Civil Litigation Jim Davis
  • Solicitor General Scott Keller
  • Director of Scheduling Katie Lawhon
  • Deputy Chief of Staff Steve Roddy
  • Deputy for Child Support Charles Smith
  • Deputy Attorney General for Legal Counsel Brantley Starr

Along with our First Assistant Attorney General Chip Roy, these newly announced hires are very conservative, very experienced, and very committed to defending the State of Texas in all respects, but especially against an overreaching federal government.

In fact, Breitbart Texas just published an article featuring some of our new appointees from Sen. Ted Cruz’ office that included this quote from the Senator:

“Scott Keller and Bernie McNamee are both tremendous legal talents who will serve Texas well. They are dedicated, tireless professionals and while they will be missed in my Senate office, I am very pleased the Great State of Texas is recognizing the outstanding work they have performed by offering them key leadership positions in the Attorney General’s office.”

You can read more about each individual person in our official press release at PaxtonTransition.com.

As we continue to prepare our team to hit the ground running from Day One when I am sworn in in January, we are also working to pay down the last remainder of a $1.2 million loan to the campaign that helped us finish the race victorious. We are also raising funds now to finance all the necessary expenses that the official office does not cover from now until June of next year. Will you help us pay down the last bit of the debt and fund our efforts to fight for Texas through June?

We can only accept donations through Saturday, December 13 at midnight. Then state ethics law prevents any donations until 20 days after the legislative session. This is a wise law but it means that we have an urgent need to save up funds now for our fight against Obama’s federal overreach from now until June. That’s why I need your help today!

President Obama has not relented despite voters’ decisive rejection of his failed liberal policies. He immediately proceeded with an executive order deferring action on tens of thousands of illegal immigrants. Governor-Elect Greg Abbott and I have both signed a pledge to fight the President’s unconstitutional executive order, but we cannot do that without your help.

Will you contribute $25, $250, or $2500 today to ensure we have the resources to defend Texas against Obama’s attacks on the Constitution?

For Texas.