This morning the Supreme Court ruled against you and every other taxpayer in our great nation. By allowing the Obamacare subsidies to stay, the Court has set our healthcare on a collision course between our freedoms and the heavy hand of government bureaucracy.

This decision is unfortunate news for the millions of Americans who have experienced first-hand the devastating effects of Obamacare, one of the broadest overreaches of federal authority in our nation’s history.

Your access to care will continue to shrink as costs rise. Our children will be subjected to European socialist-style healthcare that will stifle medical innovation, reduce choices, and impede the quality of medical care.

This is unacceptable, and we must continue to call on our leaders in Washington to step up and put an end to this job-killing law.

This ruling underscores the continued threat facing Texas. As Texas Attorney General, I will continue to fight on every frontwith every fiber of my being.

If you stand with me, I need your help.

Our campaign faces an important Tuesday deadline for our mid-year financial report.

Will you join us by contributing $25, $250, or even $2500 today as I fight to defend Texas against Obama’s attacks on the Constitution? Your support will send a message that Texans are fed up with costly, unaccountable government schemes like ObamaCare.

I hope you’ll respond today.