My office has taken a huge step to protect Texans in need.

Texas has been pursuing legal action against Lupin Pharmaceuticals.

And the company just agreed to pay more than $63 million to the state and federal government to resolve Medicaid fraud claims against it for over-billing Medicaid on products sold to Texans. (Read the news release here.)

This is a huge victory for our state and our most vulnerable citizens. Money stolen from Medicaid is money stolen from taxpayers. It is money stolen from the needy who rely on it for care.

Since 2002, our Civil Medicaid Fraud Division has recovered over $2 billion under the Texas Medicaid Fraud Prevention Act.

As your Attorney General, I will continue to defend Texans from the waste and abuse that inevitably comes with these types of programs.

Since I was elected, I have used every tool at my disposal to protect Texans and the integrity of our social safety net.

Identifying and preventing Medicaid fraud continues to be a top priority for the Office of Attorney General. Thanks to our Civil Medicaid Fraud Division’s conscientious stewardship, we have once again protected taxpayers and the healthcare of vulnerable Texans by defending the Medicaid program.