The Office of the Attorney General is not only able to fight back, but I believe it has a moral obligation to defend the rights of citizens who choose to peacefully observe their faith traditions.

The Founders knew citizens must be allowed to believe and practice their faith without fear of persecution from their government, so it should not be surprising that the first line of the First Amendment reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

For generations, Americans have enjoyed this freedom and the opportunities it affords, such as openly celebrating Christmas and public prayer, but today we are experiencing active anti-religion hostility from the Left.

I’m honored to have previously earned the endorsement of national and state leaders who are on the front lines of defending our religious freedoms including:

  • Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO, Liberty Institute*
  • Cathie Adams, President, Texas Eagle Forum*
  • Ann Hettinger, Former State Director of Concerned Women for America of Texas*
  • Jonathan Saenz, President, Texas Values*
  • Rick Green, Former Texas State Representative and Host of WallBuilders Live*
  • Penny Nance, President of Concerned Women for America*

*organizations listed for identification purposes only


Help us guard religious freedom!