What a night!  My family and I are honored with the support shown yesterday from the voters of Texas.

And, despite our runoff opponent outspending us more than 2-to-1, we have entered the runoff with a commanding lead.  We overcame false negative ads with a proven conservative record that propelled us to a first-place finish.

This, my friends, is the power of the grassroots when we act together!

Texans chose a proven record of conservatism, not someone who discovered his conservatism on the campaign trail.  Texans chose a friend of Senator Cruz, not someone who was gearing up to run against Ted Cruz just a few years ago.

My runoff opponent spent millions of dollars trying to convince us he’s conservative, and he’ll likely spend millions more in the runoff.  Texans weren’t fooled yesterday, and they won’t be fooled May 27th.

Please send your support today and let’s finish what we started.