For several years now, Colorado has been ground zero in the fight to defend religious liberty.
A Colorado district court recently determined that privately-owned businesses can be fined for declining to provide services that violate their religious beliefs.

The U.S. Constitution prohibits governments from forcing individuals to violate their deeply held convictions.

Yet this story has become far too common in Colorado. We all remember baker Jack Phillips’ harassment by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission that ended when the Supreme Court smacked down this bigoted and malicious commission.

In this case, Lorie Smith, the owner and sole employee of 303 Creative LLC, which provides custom graphic and website design services, challenged the law prohibiting her from refusing to create custom websites that violate her Christian values.
I joined her in this fight because the assault on the Constitution and people of faith MUST END!

We are working with attorney generals from 13 other states to reverse this absurd and totalitarian ruling.

The Constitution requires the government to respect its citizens’ religious values, but the rigid secular orthodoxy of the Colorado elites has been allowed to trample on this specifically protected freedom and destroy people’s livelihood.

That is why we are fighting back. But it takes all of us speaking with one voice that religious bigotry will not be tolerated in America!