The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas announced today that it is endorsing state Sen. Ken Paxton in the 2014 race for Texas Attorney General.

“Law enforcement officers all across Texas have a true friend in Senator Paxton,” said CLEAT Executive Director Charley Wilkison. “He has the experience and judgment to understand the grave threats they face every time they put on their uniform and head out to protect the public.”

Senator Paxton accepted the endorsement of the state’s largest law enforcement officers’ organization after meeting with several of its rank-and-file members and staff at its Austin Headquarters on Tuesday morning.

Paxton said, “I am honored to receive the endorsement of CLEAT and the numerous law enforcement officers represented by their organization. With the tragedy in Bexar County this past weekend, we were once again reminded of the risk police officers face every day as they pin the badge and work to keep Texas safe. The law enforcement community has my gratitude, and as Attorney General I look forward to working with CLEAT and rank and file officers all across Texas.”

Added CLEAT President Todd Harrison, who is a Sergeant with the Austin Police Department:  “We take Senator Paxton at his word that he will work with local prosecutors and law enforcement agencies all over Texas to aggressively bring criminals to justice.”

CLEAT is the largest police officers’ union in Texas, the largest legal services provider in Texas specializing in representing law enforcement officers and the largest alliance of local police officers’ associations in Texas.