Chick-fil-A is normally closed on Sundays and opens again on Monday. But thanks to anti-Christian bigots on the San Antonio City Council, it will never open at the San Antonio airport.

This is a travesty…and not just because we won’t be able to get a delicious chicken sandwich when flying through San Antonio.

Here’s what happened: The city staff took bids for new restaurant concessions at the airport. A proposal that included Chick-fil-A scored roughly 96 out of 100. The next closest competitor without them scored only 73%. Since the plan with Chick-fil-A was clearly the best fit, the proposal was almost approved…

That is, until the anti-Christian zealots on the San Antonio City Council decided to intervene.

Citing the sincerely held religious beliefs of its leadership, the Council voted to reverse the city staff’s decision and single out Chick-fil-A for exclusion from the airport.

The great irony is that one member actually asked if the “Office of Equity and Inclusion” should help determine who should get all future contracts now. Inclusion now means exclusion in their backwards, Orwellian world.

I won’t stand by and do nothing while Texans’ religious beliefs are attacked by bigots attempting to prevent the free exercise of religion.

That’s why I instructed my office to open an investigation into whether the City Council violated Texas law when they discriminated against Chick-fil-A for its leadership’s religious beliefs. I also sent a letter to the US Secretary of Transportation asking them to open an investigation into potential violations of federal law. You can read my official office’s letter here.

Liberals across the country—including right here in Texas—are attacking the freedom of religion every day. Part of my job as your Attorney General is to stop them.

I will uphold the US and Texas Constitutions. Count on it.