As you know, I’m a strong believer in the 2nd Amendment. And this past year in the Texas Legislature, I was proud to support several pro-gun bills that were passed and signed by the Governor. Several of these took effect Sunday!

The maintenance of our freedoms requires that we act responsibly and stay informed about the law of our state and country. So, be sure to read over these new laws and share them with your friends!

5 new laws every Texas gun owner should know about:

Law #1: SB 1907 prevents colleges from adopting rules banning the possession or storage of lawfully-owned firearms in private vehicles by students or visitors who have a concealed handgun license.

Law #2: In the event of an accidental display of a handgun, SB 299 protects CHL holders against being charged for unlawful carry.

Law #3: SB 864 reduces the required classroom hours for CHL qualification from a minimum 10-15 to 4-6.

Law #4: HB 48 reduces some of the red tape for CHL renewals, including eliminating the continuing education requirement.

Law #5: SB 987 gives the Attorney General the ability to enforce state law to protect the personal ownership, transport, and sales of firearms and ammunition in Texas. With the passage of SB 987, the Attorney General may take legal action against a local government that passes a local ordinance, resolution, or order that would restrict the legal ownership, transport, or sale of firearms and ammunition.

Particular thanks is due the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action and the Texas State Rifle Association for their hard work on passing these bills.

Since my first session in 2004, I have received an A rating from the NRA. Like you, I want to see our rights as gun owners preserved not just now, but also for our children. That’s why as your next Attorney General, I will do everything possible to defend the Second Amendment rights of Texas gun owners.

With the radical Obama agenda peeling away our rights everywhere possible, it is imperative that we stand together. Will you join with me to defend the Second Amendment and the rights of Texas gun owners?

For Texas,