The Texas Supreme Court Protects Our Election Integrity

May 27, 2020

I am pleased to report that today the Supreme Court of Texas has affirmed what we already knew to be true. Fear of COVID-19 is not, in and of itself, a “disability” that allows anyone who wishes to cast a ballot by mail.

I had been deeply concerned by lower court rulings supporting this absurd claim that would have permitted virtually limitless ballot by mail.

This issue has been even more concerning because it has been clear from the start that this strategy was a deliberate power grab by Democrats.

If it had stood, it would have undermined the rights of Texan to free and fair elections by throwing open the door to potential vote fraud.

Few things are as … continue reading

Vote By Mail Threatens Democracy

May 23, 2020

This week I published an op-ed in the San Antonio Express-News making exactly that point.

No law-abiding Texan wants an election system where even a single vote is manipulated by fraudsters.

As the Attorney General of Texas, it is my job to ensure that the laws of our state are faithfully executed.

Texas law makes clear that only those over 65, disabled, out of the county on election day and during early voting, or jailed, but otherwise eligible, may request a mail-in ballot. There are good reasons that these laws are in place.

Increased mail-in balloting increases vote fraud. I know this because my office has investigated hundreds of vote fraud cases over the years. Read The Full Op-Ed Here … continue reading

AG Paxton Warns County Judges and Local Officials on Unlawful COVID-19 Orders

May 12, 2020

Over the past few weeks, we have seen example after example of local government run amok.

A few local officials have distorted Governor Abbott’s common sense guidance on the coronavirus. As a result, they have ignored the Constitutional and God-given rights of Texans.

Judges, mayors, and county officials have attempted to impose restrictions that not only go beyond the governor’s orders, but do real harm to the freedoms we all enjoy.

Harris County’s mask ordinance, the jailing of Dallas salon owner Shelly Luther, and the arrest of Laredo beauticians Ana Isabel Castro-Garcia and Brenda Stephanie Mata are just high-profile examples of what Texans across the state have faced due to bureaucratic overreach.

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