Protecting The Right To Freely Worship Is Our Duty

April 22, 2020

Nothing is more important than respecting and protecting the God-given rights of every Texan. COVID-19 is not an excuse for government to trample on those rights. In fact, it is an opportunity for Texans to show the world that freedom is not just our birthright, it is the right way.

Fundamental to being a Texan and an American is the idea that we can govern ourselves effectively. It is in that spirit that Governor Abbott and I have released updated guidance for houses of worship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other states have taken a heavy-handed and, in some cases, discriminatory approach to restricting religious freedom during the outbreak. As Texans, we believe church leaders and congregations should be empowered to … continue reading

Worship Is Our God-Given Right, Controlling Coronavirus Is Our Fundamental Obligation

April 2, 2020

This week, Governor Abbott and I issued guidance for religious services that seeks to do three things:

Ensure Texans’ right to freely worship. Provide guidance to churches, synagogues, and mosques for safely conducting Constitutionally protected worship services. Protect all Texans from the spread of the coronavirus.

The Governor and I strongly agree that this crisis must not be allowed to erode the fundamental, God-given rights of all Texans.

We also agree that flattening the curve of the coronavirus spread to give our healthcare system the maximum opportunity to prepare and respond to those that fall ill is necessary to weather this storm. This is essential to bringing life in Texas back to a state of normalcy as quickly as possible, … continue reading