Planned Parenthood

January 21, 2020

$45 Million Dollars! The profound violence of abortion is shocking to the senses.

How can anyone support killing innocent babies?

Yet, we all support it with our tax dollars because government, which exists to defend life, liberty, and property, not only condones abortions…it funds them with OUR MONEY!

To make this injustice even more acute, not only do they receive tax dollars for their sick trade, Planned Parenthood raises millions more from progressives to assure that We the People never turn off public spending for abortions!

In this cycle alone, Planned Parenthood has committed to spending a record $45 million to elect pro-abortion candidates (Democrats). As Attorney General, I am fighting every day to help end this destruction of human … continue reading

Tinslee Lewis Loses Appeal

January 2, 2020

An appalling and unconstitutional decision… I am deeply saddened to share the news that earlier today a judge denied the injunction sought on behalf of Tinslee Lewis. Absent a reversal of this decision by an appellate court, this move clears the way for Cook’s Children’s Medical Center in Ft. Worth to end treatment and cause little Tinslee’s death.

The family has already indicated that they will file an emergency appeal to prevent this outcome, but the ruling is another blow to this beset family, this beautiful little girl, and, indeed, to the sanctity and respect for life itself in Texas.

Governor Abbott and I are committed to support baby Tinslee’s family as they seek immediate review of this decision.  We … continue reading