Obamacare Suit Update

December 21, 2019

“Individual mandate is unconstitutional, federal appellate court rules in Texas-led Affordable Care Act lawsuit”  

That was yesterday’s headline in the Texas Tribune. With all the fake impeachment nonsense in the news, you could be forgiven for missing it.

This couldn’t be bigger! The Supreme Court previously ruled that Obamacare is only Constitutional because the individual mandate was a tax, which congress has the power to levy.

However, President Trump’s tax relief law eliminated the individual mandate tax.

Led by my office, a coalition of states’ attorneys general sued arguing that 1) if it was only legal if it were a tax, and 2) the tax no longer existed… then Obamacare was no longer Constitutional.

A federal judge in Fort … continue reading

Defending Life

December 4, 2019

Life is unique and profound. It is the most sacred treasure granted to each of us by a loving God.

Defending and protecting this sacred gift is no less profound an obligation.

In the ongoing controversy and legal action relating to Tinslee Lewis, my office has filed a brief in defense of little Tinslee’s life, arguing that the Texas Advance Directives Act (TADA) is unconstitutional, in addition to being barbaric and beneath the dignity of a civilized society.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with her case, Tinslee Lewis is a 9-month-old currently in ICU at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth after being born prematurely with a rare heart defect. She is being sustained on life support. Read … continue reading