Results from yesterday’s straw poll

September 15, 2013

Yesterday was the first straw poll of the race so far…and once again, the grassroots have spoken.

After hearing from all three candidates at the East Texas Constitutional Alliance forum in Tyler, we won the vote with more than 45%!

I appreciate this show of support from conservatives who believe in the message of stopping Obama’s assault on our freedoms and liberties. Grassroots voters want someone who has a decade-long proven record of fighting big government and standing up for conservative principles.

Moreover, each and every day we’re winning the “straw poll” that matters — we’re gaining support from individual voters like you across the state. Join our team today by endorsing our campaign publicly and contributing $7 to our campaign to stop the Obama Administration’s attacks on … continue reading

Leaders from Ted Cruz’ volunteer army have picked their champion in the Attorney General race

September 12, 2013

Friends, we are very excited to announce that many key leaders from Ted Cruz’ volunteer army are activating for our campaign. In fact, over 100 Tea Party leaders and activists from across Texas have pledged their support. The full list is linked here, but here are a few highlights…

“The names on this list represent some of the most committed, dedicated grass roots volunteers who worked hard to elect Ted Cruz to the U.S. Senate. We are now ready to ensure that our good friend Ken Paxton is elected the next Attorney General of Texas. While others may talk about how they will fight for our conservative values, Ken Paxton has already delivered for us time and time again.” – Real Conservatives … continue reading

5 new laws every Texas gun owner should know about

September 3, 2013

As you know, I’m a strong believer in the 2nd Amendment. And this past year in the Texas Legislature, I was proud to support several pro-gun bills that were passed and signed by the Governor. Several of these took effect Sunday!

The maintenance of our freedoms requires that we act responsibly and stay informed about the law of our state and country. So, be sure to read over these new laws and share them with your friends!

5 new laws every Texas gun owner should know about:

Law #1: SB 1907 prevents colleges from adopting rules banning the possession or storage of lawfully-owned firearms in private vehicles by students or visitors who have a concealed handgun license.

Law #2: In the event of an … continue reading