Obama Threatens Texas Voter ID Law!

August 22, 2013

Obama’s Justice Department just announced they will sue Texas to block our Voter ID law.

We have a message for Eric Holder and the Obama Justice Department: Texans can govern Texas!

This politically-motivated lawsuit is an insult to the state sovereignty of Texas. Our elected officials, supported strongly by Texas citizens, have every right to preserve the integrity of our elections without the heavy hand of Washington intervening in our affairs.

I strongly support Voter ID and stand with Attorney General Greg Abbott and all Texas conservatives in opposing this colossal waste of our federal taxpayer dollars. Sign our petition if you oppose this effort by Eric Holder and Barack Obama to undermine the integrity of our elections!

For Texas,

Just released! Rick Santorum video endorsing our campaign

August 19, 2013

Friends, I’m excited to announce that national conservative leader Rick Santorum has joined our team!

Senator Santorum recorded a short one-minute video message to share his thoughts about our race with you. Click here to watch the video now.



“Ken Paxton has what it takes inside, the burning desire to fight for the rights in our Constitution as Attorney General.” – Former Senator and conservative leader Rick Santorum

In this race, many will claim conservative bonafides without having a record to back their claim up. But Rick knows what Cathie Adams, Kelly Shackelford, Tim Lambert, Jonathan Saenz, Peggy Venable, Rick Green, Michelle Smith, Ann Hettinger, and the 23 conservative House members who have joined our team know: I have a decade-long … continue reading

Defend religious liberty!

August 9, 2013

Friends, religious liberty is under attack right here in Texas!

As we speak, the San Antonio city council is considering an ordinance that would discriminate against many people of different faiths.

I have a warning for the liberals on the San Antonio City Council: if you pass this ordinance, I’ll see you in court when I’m Attorney General.

With Obama’s political machine openly moving into Texas, we can expect more of these assaults in the years to come. Washington-style overreach should not be tolerated whether it originates from the federal government, state government, or local government. It’s encouraging to see so many local San Antonio citizens stepping forward to preserve the right to exercise their religious freedom, and I support their efforts. Join … continue reading